Court Expander Technology


Are Two Nets Better Than One?

One net is fabulous and opens up so many training or just pure fun playing opportunities. But wouldn't it be nice to join two nets to join forces with others? We thought so! With simple gizmos provided, two nets join together seamlessly to double your court and the number of players in an instant. So play as a single or when the time is right play as a double. It's your choice anytime, anywhere!
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Top Alignment

In addition to tightening the net system, the looped ends are use to join and align two neighboring nets.

Just pull the loop over one side pole and slip over the neighboring side pole. Easy Peasy.

Bottom Alignment

The bottom is equally easy.

Take the clips provided with the initial packaging and clip (don't lose them!) and clip the neighboring nets together.

With both the top and bottom attached, you are ready to go!