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Dink Buddy

Introducing Dink Buddy, the innovative NJ-based company providing the first family of net systems that fit in your backpack and allow you to play your favorite sport everywhere you go!

The Need

Why Dink Buddy?

Too often, we find ourselves wanting to play pickleball but a court is nowhere to be found. Sometimes, the courts are right there but full, and wait times are longer than play times. Some of us play in tournaments where we find ourselves hitting back and forth to each other on the grass or against the wall to warm-up early. Lots of us just want to play wherever we go! The Dink Buddy offers us pickleball-on-the-go satisfying addicted and soon-to-be addicted players alike! 

The Benefit

Play Anytime, Anywhere!

Bring your Dink Buddy to the top of a mountain, by a lakeside site, to a tournament, or right at home!The ultracompact, lightweight package fits in your backpack along with all the normal gear. This technology was developed to provide a regulation height net system that will be so ultraportable that it can travel with you. In the carrying case, the 6-foot Original Dink Buddy weighs only 3.1-pounds and is 19-inches long. The 11-foot Dink Buddy XL is proportionately light and ultracompact. 

The Technology

Collapsible Frame Design

The Dink Buddy consists of a fully connected bottom subassembly and top subassembly. The subassemblies are each attached with elastic cords that run through adjacent elements (e.g. aluminum tubes, frame joint) that ‘guide’ assembly. This technology enables a fully-expanded, sturdy and weather-resistant regulation-height net system, set-up in a minute. The frame and dividing net then easily collapse and folds to readily insert into the convenient carrying case. The dividing net is made from our novel mesh technology specifically designed for the Dink Buddy. The mesh comes in numerous colors offering team spirit and fun!